Understanding Matched Betting

Bookmakers sometimes offer incentives and free bets, and matched betting is a technique used by people to benefit from that. It can sometimes be referred to as back betting, lay bet matching, or double betting. This type of betting is more based on an equation instead of chance, so it is considered more risk free. Matched betting requires someone to have two or more bookmakers working on the deal. One of these bookmakers needs to be offering a free bet. The other bookmakers are being used to determine all the possible outcomes, so the free bet is kept.  Learn more about  matched betting offers , go here. 

The simplest form of this kind of bet is placing a bet using a free bet with one bookmaker while placing the opposite bet with a different bookmaker. There are more complicated ways to do it called dutching. This is when you use multiple bookmakers to place bets so you avoid the commission that is usually charged when you use an exchange. In order to qualify for a free bet, you usually have to place a bet using your own money first. Find out for further details right here  http://matchedbetting.com/forum/ .

In order to do things, you place a bet on a particular result with one bookmaker, and then a second bet on the opposite result not at the betting exchange. If the result doesn't occur, the latter bet will offset any losses. You then qualify for a free bet, so you can do that same process, but use the free bet. No matter which outcome happens, you will make a profit because you made the bet free of charge.

You can do matched betting either assisted or manually. An assisted matched bet is when a website or software package gives you comparisons for you to bet on. They are used by individuals who have a good understanding of matched betting. You are usually given a matched betting calculator that you use with the comparisons. This allows you to select the type of bet, stake, bonus, and time frame of the bet.

Manual matched betting is where you are doing all the legwork yourself. You are the one who finds the offers, markets, and odds. You then have to make the right calculations yourself as well. This can be time consuming and you will have to use a lot of math and betting knowledge to do it successfully. This means there is a greater risk. If you are thinking about trying matched betting, you should start off with assisted until you understand it completely. Then if you feel comfortable you may want to switch to manual. Most people find that they prefer to keep using the assisted matched betting because it makes the process more enjoyable and less risky. Take a look at this link  http://www.wikihow.com/Win-at-Betting for more information.